CCTV Camera Equipment

Branded CCTV camera equipments in Pakistan

CCTV camera equipment has become one of the famous gossips of the modern days. It is available in different designs, sizes, brands and prices. The articles related to this give a lot of support to the security sectors. Today security measures are not considered to be completed without good security and surveillance equipment. Often purchasing or installing CCTV cameras people get confused, for this equipment has a large number of varieties in quality, brands and prices. Moreover the lack of standardization also put purchasers in confusion and difficulty and they feel big problem in taking any final step so it always becomes an unsolved question how to prefer quality to price or price to quality. Such question is always solved by Brandmatrix. We have original branded CCTV camera equipment with a very affordable and reasonable price that easily fulfills the need of the customers.

The most significant aspect to be observed in CCTV cameras is their output, controlling mechanism and location of installment. The result or the video resolution is also an important thing to be discussed. If you want a high-video-resolution that emits a sharper image then you must get a high-resolution CCTV camera. So the purchasers should consider all these aspects while installing CCTV equipment and make sure whether they meet their requirement or not.

Commonly CCTV camera equipment is divided into three main categories:

High Resolution CCTV which has more than 480 TV Lines resolution

Standard Resolution CCTV it has 380 to 480 TV Lines resolution

Low Resolution CCTV has less than 380 TV Lines resolution.

Whenever a camera is providing or rendering more details of image it means it is High-resolution CCTV camera. All three types of CCTV camera are available in the market these types make confusion to the purchasers. So you had better get consulted with Brandmatrix. We will provide you the best knowledge regarding this equipment. Besides quality and standard of CCTV cameras this is also important to observe as to where and how these cameras are installed because the location plays an important role in the performance of the cameras. There are two types of installation of CCTV cameras:

  • Indoor installation
  • Outdoor installation

Indoor equipment installed within the building while outdoor is installed outside the building. While installing camera outdoor it is necessary to protect them from dust rain and severity of weather. That is why it is mostly equipped with a casing. The common most cameras which are used as outdoor equipment are called Bullet CCTV. It has water proof casing. Another type of outdoor equipment is called standard box CCTV camera.

A CCTV camera must need sufficient light to capture the video. This adjustment should be made with the camera according to the illumination level in the room. The minimum light which is required by a camera is known as LUX. CCTV cameras have two major groups one is “Day-surveillance” and other is “Day-Night Surveillance

That is why before installing this equipment you must consult with our engineers who have vast experience in designing the system. Our full technical support helps you getting fruitful result in this respect.