Choosing equipment for your listening room, home theater, home recording studio or Pro Studio can be challenging. With our help, you’ll select the right speakers, subwoofers, and audio electronics for your system.

Picking the right electronics for your system is critical; though before we discuss our process, let’s start with some of the less successful approaches we’ve seen over the years. Some folks rely on online or magazine reviews, trying to piece together a system from ‘best of’ lists. Some swear by the brands pushed by their local dealer. Others make up their system with bargains they find online. The consequences of these unsystematic methods can be severe.

  1. Speaker choice (radiation pattern, SPL capabilities) not optimized for room usage
  2. Speakers sound harsh and fail at high SPLs
  3. Amplifiers clip, damaging speakers
  4. Subwoofers distort and fail to reproduce subterranean bass
  5. Audible hum and buzz due to ground loops
  6. Power line surges fry electronics
  7. Subs poorly integrated due to lack of signal-processing tools

Whether you end up suffering from humming or harsh audio, the result of these arbitrary approaches is usually disappointment. Regret in spending your budget on the wrong products, and frustration that your system’s performance doesn’t meet your expectations.

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