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Brand matrix has a vast experience to facilitate all the sectors of education from a solitary class room to huge buildings and campuses with its AV control solution. As a matter of fact, audio and visual system has become an integral part of education. Sound system is playing an important role between an instructor and his students. Visual education has also stepped into the modern age. Computers, laptops and tablets have now become a part and parcel of education. Keeping in view this modern phase of education sector we offer complete services to our client regarding their project and specific requirements to design and install full technology to ease their assignment.

We provide full audio-visual design and installation system from play group to the higher classrooms, theaters, playgrounds, institutions and auditoriums. We also provide security and surveillance system to protect your staff and students. Furthermore, the training of the clients at every step to comfort them to use newly installed audio-visual system is considered to be our first and foremost duty. We also install lighting automation in the class rooms, auditorium, meeting rooms and staff rooms. Digital signage, access control, presentation tools and full class rooms technology systems are provided by Brand matrix.

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